Thursday, September 29, 2011

That Witch!

This witch appears in front of Cardinal Santos' Cafeteria whenever Halloween is approaching. Sometimes this witch freaks me out because she is close to being human. I tell you her hair is nylon-y stiff and if you touch her, it feels like its err human-y.

but honestly, I kinda miss it. It would probably appear soon.


Being Evil Is Not So Bad After All

I am a person. Not perfect and also not a PUSHOVER.

Way back at the age of dinosaurs (college), I always have an indirect way of explaining myself and providing evidence that my ass is not a pushover. It was very effective. It was blogging.

Simply put, for the people who remembers Miss Butt crack: When the sections were reshuffled and I fortunately dropped on hers. Wow, first impression about this person: Bee-otch! Well, you know what people say, first impressions were not really true but... screw those people. It was, absolutely a fact. My goodness, the way this person makes "irap" and deliver killer side glances, it would make you think: "What did I do, Ms.-head-soo-inappropriate-for-ur-skeletonized-body?". I will never want to remember other horrible things she did. I mean, I have not talked or offended you in any way, so please, leave moi A-lone! Well, one day, my sneaky ass found something against her and I wrote it online, of course without a name and people loved it. The next thing I know, this person was goody-goody friendly to me. Sad to say, this person has no idea that she was one of the people I wrote. When she found out, she was not goody-goody anymore, she treated me more as a person. 

Writing Again


It was the month of June when I last published a blog entry. I kinda lost the appetite to write because of a lot of things (I'd rather not enumerate because it sucks.). However, after reading my last post, I missed writing down things that may not be beneficial to others or whatever. I found out that the reason why I write is simply because I love to write. I'm suurry bloggy I forgot about it. Hr.

So, as a treat to myself, I will release an awesome amount of stress in my head. But not everything..... YET!

hahahahaha! (*evil laugh)

Madam Inducer, CHA!