Friday, June 29, 2012

Convincing... Like a Sir

This is the actual essay that i have written in moodle regarding the grade that I deserve. This blog also appears in Multiply. If anyone of my college friends and classmates remembers "Erick", then it is possible that you know what I am writing and talking about. This is just one of the essays that I took a lot of thought into it. However, being a grammar nazi that I have become, I cringed at the site of grammatically incorrect construction of sentences, uncapitalized nouns and words in the beginnings of sentences. But anyway, the content is all that matters. Here goes: 

I do believe that I deserve a grade of 92.

I deserve it because, i have attended all our class. I didn't let every thursdays pass without attending rel ed. i did not consider on putting my name on the absentee's list just because i am tired from duty or because there are some undone requirements from other subjects or just because im too tired to attend.

I must admit that i failed once on submitting one of the requirements. it was entirely my fault and i have accepted the consequence of my actions. To redeem myself, i have to tell you that it only happened once and i have completed all the activities in moodle before it closes. i do follow the specified deadline for assignements too.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

50 Things Every High School Student Must Do

Nothing serious. These are the things any high school students should do before they graduate. Some of which were derived from my past high school experience. Most of these are things I did and few were things I wish I did. Nevertheless, a little rebellion won't hurt because it is an interesting part of life that sooner or later you will be proud of. 
  1. Embrace your school spirit
  2. Love the Flag Ceremony Experience
  3. Enjoy your youth
  4. Take down notes
  6. Be a leader... lead your self if no one follows
  7. Before you attempt to drink your first ever alcohol, make sure you drink with your parents first
  8. Be a choir member: for good ventilation and view during mass
  9. Make a male classmate cry. Guaranteed: priceless
  10. Love Elias, screw Ibarra
  11. Hide well while eating your snack during class
  12. Bring your own pad paper
  13. Be prepared for reptile attacks
  14. Be unique in creating your sleeping style
  15. Make your teacher mad, make them cry not because you did something disappointing but because you made them proud

Bikini Clad Ladies

Let's talk about something different. Since the summer sun has been dethroned by the gustly winds of the typhoon season, this is the best time to talk about the Bikini Clad ladies. I believe that since the sun burns healed, focus will be attained. Many times when I strike whilst the iron is hot, people get to call me names and stuff. Plus, people don't listen too.

Summer. Ah yes, the season when people plan family vacations, get out for a dip, wear the skimpiest suits, post it on social media for the people to see then... BOOM! Hours later, your picture in bikini would be posted all over perverted websites for men to drool on. Do not get me wrong, I witnessed how a sweet holiday turned to a nightmare for some insolent fools. I am a self proclaimed ruthless beeotch, so I say to you, you deserve every bit of it... if it ever happens to you.

I believe in the power of social media. In facebook alone, posting a photo of a dying child and garnering shares and likes would definitely save the poor thing from eternal doom. Millions of idiots would eventually do what the posts requests. I guess sharing and liking has super powers to magically heal the sick. To make a long story short, facebook is a ticking time bomb, when used properly it will work wonders, if not it will be your end. Trust me, I personally learned that lesson, not that I posted a half naked picture of me, but because of something else.

Yes, my dear, I do understand that you look good in a bikini and there is a need for you to show off. It is not wrong, mind you, but pictures can be easily copied and saved by people. Be cautious because not everyone on your friend's list can be trusted.

Saturday, June 23, 2012


People say that makeup, other than diamonds, is girls' best friend, but not me. You see, when my makeup mixes with my facial oil, sweat and bacteria, it becomes a nuisance. Skin irritation would soon follow and since I feel weak when parts of my face is itchy, naturally, I scratch it. I also forget the fact that I am wearing it, Thus, I would wipe my face. If I am wearing an eyeliner, I will be an instant horror movie character.

In the past months, I realize that somehow, there is a need to learn basic application of makeup. I watched youtube videos about it. I even had a bit of tutorial from workmates. I've made an unwritten law for makeup application: #1 Makeup should not stay in my face for more than 6 hours. #2 Use it on special occasions.

Ok, so here comes something to think about. This is dedicated to people like me. Bear this thought in mind: