Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Duty Bag

Reblogging is love. Imagine answering your thoughts that you have before.

Originally posted last November 8, 2008, 9:24 PM
At Multiply, for cha's contacts

Before having our laptop reformatted, i scanned my files so that i can salvage some important things that i can use in the future. I found an unpublished blog entry that i wrote a year ago. I was in second year, first sem. It was about the duty bag. During that time, nursing paraphernalia were being distributed to us, that is when i received my duty bag. Also, during that time, i was not able to pass any quiz and I'm failing my exams. I wrote:

Wahhh! Nakuha na namin ung duty bag namin!  Nafeel ko tuloy na nursing student ako. Huhuhu.

Natuwa nga ako nung nakuha ko un kase nafeefeel ko na talaga ang narsing….. pucha! Dis is it! Hahaha!

Sa sobrang tuwa, panandalian kong nakalimutan na wala pa pala akong quiz na naipapasa sa RLE. Naisip ko na ang mga magiging escapades ko sa mga ospital na pagdudutyhan ko: PTB patients, DOTS, code blue, hot doctors, hot doctors, hot doctors, mga inang nanganganak, psych patients, babies, vagina squad, IV, medications, charting, amoy pekpek na OB ward, graveyard shifts, am duty, pm duty, toxic na pasyente/kamag-anak/doctor/nurse/kapwa student nurse/CI, ATBP….

Ok na sana ang pagdedaydream ko kaso bigla kong naalala ang malagim na katotohanan… 50/50 ang status ko sa RLE… wala pa kong pinapasang quiz dun. Khit na quiz lang un, malaking bagay na un pra samin. Sheyt! Indi ko sure kung ano ang grade ko sa recitation pro sana ayos naman.

Ewan ko kung ano ang kahihinatnan ng buhay ko bilang student nurse. Minsan, naiisip ko:

Magamit ko pa kaya ang duty bag ko???

(end of original message) .......................................................................................................................

Response before:

well guess what?

  • I'm now a 3rd year student and now suffering on 2nd sem
  • I'm using my duty bag
  • I'm now regularly attending duties
  • my duty bag is badly injured from continued use
  • i have been passing SOME quizzes
  • i have been passing SOME exams
  • but right now, the only question is: How long can I hold on?


Response now:

  • I have graduated, passed the board exams and took my oath. Now all i have to do now is register myself and get that plastic card that we call license
  • During my nursing years, I was able to use 2 duty bags. The first one was the one pictured above. I buried it because it died on me. The 2nd one was my sister's, it didn't die. It is now in the corner of our room garnering roaches and dust bunnies.
  • I was able to hold on long enough to graduate and take my oath. You're right (people who supported me/us).
  • Is now a proud member of the Hey-guys-we-are RN's-holy-shit!-Now-what?!-club
  • I have a blog now that screams: I am done and in your face! Just something to make my response longer. hahaha


Thursday, September 16, 2010

My Sacrifice

I am sorry if I have to talk about passing the NLE. I do feel that this is the most triumphant day of my life. Four years of my hard work, I won’t let it flush down the toilet. I know that I have to work hard so I gave up most of the things that I know would affect me. Things that can hinder me from passing. I do believe that little sacrifices can yield great rewards, it did for me.

What do you have to give up?

My diet
I have been fat since day one but if you have seen me during review, I look like the abominable snowwoman. I shed a bit pounds now so somehow you’ll find me quite smaller now.

Writing Blogs
Writing blogs require a lot of thinking so is our review. Priority, priority, priority? Septe! No, actually it’s passing the board exam.

Taking pictures
I really love taking pictures but I figured that if I take pictures most of the day, I would be distracted. I know it’s silly but what do I have to lose? It’s just 3-4 months, I can do it.


Time out with family and friends
Ever since review started, I never get to come out of the house and let Laguna sun shine on me. When my dad arrived from Africa, they would usually go out somewhere and I am always left at school with tons of hand outs and burned eye brows.

Reading books (non nursing)
I promised myself to read the books at our house but I couldn’t. All I have in my arms were reviewers and books. I can’t even touch Bob Ong, Gabriel García Márquez and Jessica Zafra, forgive me book friends…. Priority, priority, priority? Septe!

Ho, ho! For me, internet comes with blogging. Less internet means less blogging. Less blogging means no staying up late until 3am.

Watching TV
I am not really fond of watching TV but I watch it anyways. However, I have quite a few favorite shows that I missed and that sucks. Well hey! I’m a board passer and I can now use the net in wee hours of the night and down load the full season! Ha!

Cutting class
It may seem that my ass is fucking "righteous" (as most shit heads refers to it) but I do bad stuff too, but I keep it clean so that no one will ever know.
Sometimes, it bores me when while reviewing. I have quite a few friends who cut class to go somewhere. As much as I want to, I can’t because it is my S-A-C-R-I-F-I-C-E. It is all worth it anywayz that’s why there are no regrets that I ever felt.

In my lifetime, this is the big sacrifice that my eyes cried blood but nevertheless, it was all sweet in the end.

The root of education is bitter, but the fruit of education is sweet. –Sir bereber, HS Chem teacher


Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Fascinating World of Death and Learning

(A Replay: Posted at multiply last March 26, '09 3:06 AM)

Philippine General Hospital. PM shift. OB ward. Trophoblastic Disease. Cancer. You name it. Almost Every disease associated to female reproductive system is there, hence the name.

I was assigned to a close monitoring patient. Usually it is considered as such when the patient is near the nurse's station. Opposite my patient is another of those close monitoring ones. Ayet handled her. Judging from the way she looks, I think she has H-mole because of her big abdomen but I am not really sure. Group mates, please correct me if I am wrong, I honestly could not remember her case and please forgive my failing memory.

Looking at her during rounds, I recognized that she is a former occupant of the "Ferdinand Mariano Ward". So I guess she is transferred nearer the nurse's station so as to gain an easier access to her. Using my clinical eye, which is partially open during that time, I concluded that she will "go" within the shift or during the graveyard shift.

Her eyes were open and it was scanning each and every one of us while on rounds. For a moment she seemed to have noticed that I was looking at her. As a normal nurse's reflex, there is a need for you to smile a bit and say: Good afternoon po, then you may have the excuse to leave. On her case, when I greeted her, she struggled to talk but was not able to. She was able to smile though. It was obvious; she is struggling for her life. After that, I excused my self and went off to other patients.

4pm. I saw her relative crying while talking to somebody on the phone. Around 5 pm, I made a simpleng silip on that patient to see what is happening to her. I saw that her eyes and her mouth is slightly open. She looks weird but more like dead to me. I asked ayet about the patient, she already endorsed to her buddy nurse the patient's status and vital signs.

I have also noticed that residents have started to increase in number because they have become incredibly noisy and irritating. Also, they kept on stealing the charts and the seats. After giving the 6pm meds to my patients, I went back to my close-monitoring-patient to check on her. Then I saw that popong was about to change the GTD patient's IV. He was able to assess that the patient was not breathing. He reported it to the nurse's station.

After which, I heard nothing but running footsteps and the word:code! code! code waaaahhhh code! Two of the residents checked... and further screamed: code! maaaaam code! code! %^$%@#@@! code!

The next thing I knew, I was enjoying all the action. The nurses run along with the doctors. Dammit, with that kind of running, who would want a tight-in-the-ass pants? Nurses should work-out too. A board was inserted under the bed. The bed was lowered to assume the patient in a supine position. The doctors attempted intubation (don't know why the tube wasn't inserted). The nurse did chest compressions. The E-cart came along with the suction machine. Etc. Etc. Etc.

If you were to ask me why we were just watching during that time, well, my response to you is: how in the world can you be able to help with a sea of doctors rushing like tidal waves on the bedside? At that time, all you will see in that area are white uniformed backs, where one is kneeling on the bed and is bent down, doing chest compressions.

After attempts of intubation and continued chest compressions to my surprise: a resident said: DNR tayo. In a split second, the people vanished leaving the patient like a rape victim. "Baket nag-sign ba?" the nurse said. "Basta DNR tayo" the bitchy resident said. I was waiting for her to declare the time of death but i heard none. From then on, the nurses have been engaged in a heated discussion of something but I could not eavesdrop because someone has died.

Entering the ward, there was dead silence. The people's eyes were fixed on the dead body lying on the bed. Walking near the dead is such a creepy experience. I covered the patient's naked abdomen and asked Mrs. Ramos' permission for a post-mortem care. She told us to where gloves and remove all the contraptions.

The relatives were nowhere at site. We just recovered a piece of cloth and a small amount of water from the patient's bedside table. We removed all the contraptions and wiped her clean. Touching the patient's skin, it was still warm, eyes were partially open and the jaw has dropped. ECG was taken, the line was flat. She was definitely and undeniably gone. We prayed for the patient before the manongs took her away. Goodbye ma'am, i thought.

Now this is what you call real-life hospital drama. Not that I am watching it for pleasure but I am learning as well. Learning the dynamics of code blue. Learning the dynamics of Life. This is a learning medium that a school could not re-enact nor money can buy. This is a learning medium that hammered my rock-hard intellectual capacity. Death and dying, it is an unexpected mystery that even the smartest person in the world could not understand.
I am just happy that patient is in a good place now and i was able to embede a simple smile on her face despite the excruciating pain she was feeling. Bye now. Kindly tell Bro I said Hi.

To the gagang doktora, buti nga sa kanya. Napagalitan siya dahil hindi siya nag-call ng time of death. Kaso, ako ang napag-initan. Hehehe. Whatevah doctora, sino ba ang napagalitan? Haha. Enough with the bitchy comments. Stop na, good girl mode na.

Sorry to say but this isn't what your waiting for 'cause Baby you can drive my car! You know what i mean groupmates! hahaha.

and oh, to doctor just: how is the cancer of the eyebrow research going? Can't wait to hear all about it! You know where to find us, we are at the doctor's lounge screwing up charts from student nurses...

Dahil nandito ako, nandito ka din.


Monday, September 13, 2010

Another "IN YOUR FACE!" moment

This is so pretty! and soooooooo IN YOUR FACE!

Hooyah Les Mains! Hooyah!!!!!

Thank you Ien Seno for this pic!


Saturday, September 11, 2010

95% screams: IN YOUR FACE!

August 27 2010, marks the day when we made history that screams… IN YOUR FACE!!!


At this moment, you are probably thinking that I am cocky and a low-down-son-of-a-biatch… hell yeah! I am! Please note at the fact that I am not mad… I am getting even!

Four years of torment is not a joke. Four years of bad mouthing sucks. Four years with foul assholes pricking at your back is not easy. I have always waited for this day, that I, Cha C. can say, in my loudest, in my cockiest and whole heartedly: IN YOUR FACE BITCHES! I loved looking at your faces when we had our Thanksgiving mass and I would definitely love to look at the faces of the pseudo-smart-ass-crusade who pulled us down before.

This is why I love blogging. You can really pour your heart in this. While writing this, I feel like shouting at the top of my lungs but my blog shouted for me. Whoever reads this would feel it. Anyway, I can’t say anything more because if I write everything, I would probably get in trouble: as always. Haha.

Oh yeah, I feel like flying!


Friday, September 10, 2010

Extreme State of Euphoria

Have you ever felt so happy in your life that you were not able to think right?

I did.

Last August 27, 2010, 91,008 (times 3, for the parents and loved ones) hearts beat so fast at the same time as they wait for the NLE July 2010 results. 36,679 came jumping, crying, shouting and doing things that signifies triumph and happiness while the rest of the number almost committed suicide.

I did not expect that the feeling would be like this. The victory poison’s effect is abrupt. The first stage is critical, it can kill. You jump, you cry, you hyperventilate, you shout. Jumping may cause head trauma. Crying can irritate your eyes especially if you accidentally scratch or injure your eyes. Tsk, scleral damage. Hyperventilation expels CO2 which causes respiratory alkalosis. Shouting will cause you to injure your vocal chords. Be careful now, I would like to see us alive and attend our oath taking.

Second stage is severe happiness like being high from intake of illegal drugs. Name the type and you will manifest it depending on your body’s response.

Hours after passing the board exam
Me: Momi, luwas kau?
Momi: Oo, pasado ka na eh!
After 5 minutes……
Me: Momi, luwas kau?
Momi: Oo nga! Natanong mo na yan kanina eh.

2 Days after the NLE results came out
Mom: how do you feel anak?
Me: I feel goooood, I feel like I’m flying (imagine me, imitating a big, fat bird who has just been stoned by narcotics)

4 days after results came out:
Momi: Yung bedsheet palitan mo na. Pero wag sabay sabay kase baka maubusan ng sampayan sa labas. Unti untiin mo lang ha. Tapos ung halaman ilabas mo na din para maarawan. (Countless series of commands being given by mother dear)
Me: (stares dumbly) ha?
Momi: (Explains again…… Ashowa, showa, showa, blah)
Me: Ulit po.
Momi: (Explains again but this time with her forehead crinkled)
Me: Ano po? Di ko ma-gets?
Momi: Anak, you’re so high. Anyway…. (Explains again and laughs)

At school canteen
Me: Just!!! (Does the flying kiss motion)
Justzam: Oi! Congrats! Yung grupor, 100%!!!!!!
Me: Oh sige!!!!! (big smiles. Realized after 10 minutes that I gave an inappropriate answer)

Third stage: Recovery. Everything is back to normal: normal physical and mental functioning. I am at this stage now, Glory be to our Lord!


Thursday, September 9, 2010

Watashi no maewa...

As a newbie here at blog spot, let me introduce myself. I’m Cha, a newly registered nurse from a University that trains top caliber nurses (including myself ->air head alert!) in the Philippines. I started writing during my elementary days but my works were not appreciated well for they do not follow the traditional, boring things they teach you in school. In high school, I wrote so freely and so good (nag-angat na naman ng bangko! ) that my works were given to our principal so they can read it and find good reasons to burn me alive. There are times that my attention will be called by some teachers. They would request for a private talk so that they can tell me that people have feelings and that they are not objects. Boohoo.


In college, my writing was not really recognized until I published blind items. Well, what can I say? People love gossips especially if what I am talking about is not you. I was raved about here and there. Until I developed haters. Haters who talk to me personally. Haters who would rather not talk to me. Haters who hid him/herself under a stupid cover to criticize me. Unfortunately they/he/she lost, miserably.

Due to some issues, things to do and periods of procrastination, I developed a hunger to write blogs again. I am quite excited to have my new blog. Before, I used multiply but I usually go private so my friends are the only one who has access. I feel so good having to write again.

I am studying the ropes of blogspot. Just a little bit longer and I’ll get the hang of it. ‘Till next time!


Tuesday, September 7, 2010


I am in a stage where I feel like a preschooler. I am new here at blogspot and I am learning the How Tos. Oh shoot, I feel a bit confused and used. hehe. i'll get over this. Tooodles!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010



1. When a plane passes by, we wave at them and say: “babye!”

I have always thought that my Dad is on board the planes that pass by. Although I know that he is home I still wave at them and brag to my playmates that he is a traveler.

2. I love eating the “nectar” of the santan flower

I am fond of eating the sweet, clear fluid that comes out of the santan flower because I love sweets and pastries. I stopped eating it when my dad told me that it is dirty and dogs have urinated on the santan plants. Eeww.

3. We made bubble solutions with a gumamela flower

When a gumamela flower is crushed, it becomes very sticky and viscous. It makes the bubbles increase its capacity to hold air and makes it last for a long time before it pops. As far as I can remember, the only gumamela plant is found at our neighbor’s backyard. I think the owner chopped it down because it disappeared suddenly.

4. Climbed a tree? Nah.

I didn’t get the chance to climb the mango tree or any other tree within our yard. This because: Number one, most of the trees our not-climb-friendly. Number two, dad does not allow me and auntie shouts at me before I can even attempt to.

5. Played langit lupa, ice ice water, patintero
Ah, the classics! How could I forget these games? One thing is common among these games. Langit lupa, when you are at langit you are safe. In lupa, the IT would chase you around. Ice ice water, When your Ice, you get to stop. When your water you get to run non-stop before the IT turns you into ice. Patintero, when you can’t enter a space you can position your self in a space wherein the IT won’t reach you. Get the similarities? These games give you a time to catch your breath. When I was younger, I hate being the IT because it is very tiring. So, as often as possible, I avoid having myself subjected to Its.

6. Had a large collection of pencils and erasers

Ah yes. When we were in the pre-school years, if you have a large collection of pencils and erasers, you’re an instant celebrity. I asked my mom to sharpen all the pencils that we have in the house so I can bring it to school. She said that two pencils are enough because I won’t be using them all. I was sad because I want to be an instant celeb like them. One time, I was made to stay in the classroom after classes because our freaking teacher said that I was too slow in math. When I was asked to go home, I saw a bunch of pencils under the table. Ha! My stupid classmates must have dropped their pencils! I picked it all up and had them sharpened at home. The next day, I was a celebrity! Yahoo! After I discovered how to gain pencils without spending a peso, after classes I would sneak inside the room to pick it all up. Pretty brainy for a pre-schooler huh?

7. Stabbed my classmate in the leg using a sharp pencil

All I can say about that is: You deserve it asshole. I am not a pig.

8. Played bahay bahayan using the blankets

This is my favorite! After school I would gather blanket and make a house out of them. I will then get my plastic kitchen set so I can “cook” inside. My stuff toys will be my children. I am the mother and the father is always absent because he is “working”. When my sisters and I would play together and we’re done, we would jump at the blankets to destroy the house.

9. Vomited countless times at school

I vomited a lot when I was in elementary and pre-school level. The following are the most memorable. First is when I was in nursery. My class mate sneezed and his nose secretion went all over the place. It was green, sticky and disgusting. Although it has not reached me, I felt a sudden churning in my stomach and my eyes watered. Then, it came out. Almost all of my stomach contents went out: the semi digested breakfast I had and the freshly eaten hotdog I ate moments ago.

Second was when my mom forced me to eat Baguio beans for dinner. For a reason, I hate string beans, all kinds of them. My mom said that what ever food that was served in the table should be eaten. I am left with nothing, I ate it. Because of its icky taste when chewed, I swallowed it whole, one by one. The next day, I went to school feeling weird. After two periods, kaboom, out go the beans. After swallowing it whole, it came out whole too. I don’t know why it wasn’t digested; it was like my gastric juices hated the bean too and didn’t dare to break it down.

Lastly, I vomited thrice in school for an unknown reason. I feel perfectly fine that time and it bothers me when I will suddenly vomit. First, I vomited in my notebook. Second, I vomited in my skirt. Third, I vomited in my annoying classmate’s socks which made me happy that time. “Buti nga sayo” I said to myself.

10. Made origami

I love making different kinds of origami. Because of that, I would consume all the leaves of my pad paper. Of course, mom and my aunt will be super furious. After getting a good ass slap, I stopped… for just a while. To avoid consuming all my paper, I would ask for paper from my classmates and they were kind enough to give me. Tsk tsk, bata palang nanggugulang na. haha