Sunday, April 17, 2011

Asia For Japan

Asia For Japan

Since the Japan Tsunami tragedy, I have been supporting organizations that aids Japan and the victims of the tragedy. Asia for Japan, I saw this organization at National Geographic Channel Asia. I am blogging about this to help spread the word about this organization. I must confess that I should have done this a bit earlier. But I believe that it is never too late to help. It has been a month since the tragedy but Japan still needs more help.

I have submitted photos from my trip to Japan with a message of hope for them. The Japanese are thankful for the messages they receive from all parts of the world. Let's give them more. You see, little things like these 126-character-messages can make a big difference.

Let's go and spread the LOVE!

Lot's of love,

Nothing Special

No really. It's real, there's nothing special here.

But if I flash my famous "evil smile", it turns to something. Don't worry, I won't tell you! Ano ako, bale?

Evil Bee-otch: Cha

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Nanlilimahid na Sarap

Nanlilimahid na Sarap, yan ang Garrett Popcorn.

Just one of the greatest food that I have tasted. I was in Singapore with my Mom last November 2010  to visit Te Richi. She took us to Sentosa and strolled around. Then, we stopped by Garrett Popcorn Shop. At first, I thought its just a typical popcorn shop where: popcorns are dry, lifeless and sprinkled with iodized salt.

The "I Love You" Letter

Seryoso, napaiyak ako nung sinusulat ko ito.

Dear Cuz,

Nung kapapanganak pa lang sayo ni Mama mo, di ako pinayagan ni Dadi na bumisita sa ospital. May case daw ng dengue doon at baka ako mahawa. Ewan ko ba kung totoo yon o ayaw lang talaga niya ako papuntahin sa ospital noon. Gusto ko pumunta kase gusto kita makita. Nung bata kase ako, si Mama mo ang nag-aalaga sakin pag nagtratrabaho si Mommy. Para ko na din mama si Mama mo. Katabi ko matulog, tinitimplahan ako ng milk, hugas pwet, paligo at kung ano ano pa. Na excited kase ako, ano kaya itsura mo?

A Grand Case Presentation

As I have written in my multiply account about our first ever Grand Case Presentation:

"February 4, 2009. An Orthopedic Case from Philippine General Hospital. Diagnosis: Multiple Lower Extremity Fracture secondary to Motor Vehicular Accident
Sorry. I didn't take much pictures because I am having a serious, colosal rush of Adrenaline. It is only after we were fried that I was able to touch my camera again.
It has been a long time since I faced a crowd and when I did, dammit, I almost fainted. Our efforts were all worth it. 87 is a reasonable high grade. My sister said that Ms olivar rarely gives a grade above 85, we must have done something that made her super happy. yahoo.
i dug a grave the night before, i thought i was going to die from hemorrhage where blood is oozing continuously from all the orifice of my body. it was not that bad after all!!!!!

congratz 3A!!!"

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Pac-MOM's Ring

Whenever I see Aling Dionisia on TV, I cringe. To describe her, I have to speak in tagalog: "Naaalibadbaran ako pag nakikita ko siya". She may be the mother of our "PAMBANSANG KAMAO" but I really couldn't stomach her showbiz career. Anywayz, enough about that. I stumbled upon an article about her. Apparently, she lost an expensive ring while walking the streets of her home town. According to her, the ring was from Jinkee and its price tag is a whooping 180,000 pesos. Good Lord, that is indeed expensive! After reading the article, my initial reaction was: "That Fame monster! Why does she have to broadcast it?" But then I was interested about the people's comments. As I read, I somehow understood the situation.

If you want to read the article, here is the link: Mommy Dionisia loses expensive ring

Friday, April 1, 2011

Custom Made Shoes

I must admit, I Kind-a miss custom made shoes. By the way, why would I miss custom made shoes when I can buy a good pair of shoes at any shoes store?

Hey there.. Fred Perry (2nd Duty Shoes ordered for us)

Well, the answer is this: Towering at 5 foot, 7 inches and weighing...brooblarblah, it would be highly abnormal for an individual that his/her feet will measure only 6 inches. Believe it or not, my feet measures 12 inches, yes, as long as a 12 inch ruler, obviously. I do not know if it's me or the statistics, but 5'7 is tall in the Ph. Therefore, I conclude that anyone who's feet surpasses the size 10 is denied from getting the shoe size and most specially their desired shoes. Believe me, I know. I experienced it.