Monday, June 13, 2011

School Days

I hate to say it but I kinda miss going to school. It gives you a reason to wake up in the morning. It forces you to shake your snooze hangovers and it transforms you into your decent-old-self. School, it teaches you to be innovative in creating sneaky nap positions during class. It keeps you busy every night, err, busy with school work, that is.

School is fun. We meet friends and enemies. We learn things that we are not sure if we need in life but still try to learn it because of grades. We laugh and cry because of teachers (but I get even after, hrhr). We play sports and laugh at our bleeding heads or sprained ankles. We poke fun on anything. But we all have limitations. We get tired and if that happens somehow we lose the essence of going to school. We forget why we need to learn. The teachers will look like ogres dressed in formal wear. Our classmates will become more like shit heads than friends. As for your self, you will be a fertile plantation of pimples, black heads and eye bags.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

I Want to Thank My Sponsors

I should be paid for the Ads. Hahaha. You owe me!

Who would you thank after all these years?

1. E-jim
Open 24 hours to serve our printing needs. The place always stinks like feet but I tell you, at the crack of dawn, students from different universities would line up to have their documents printed. Thanks E-jim, without you, a freakin’ case study would cease to exist.

2. Mama mia

How-ley-mama-mia! They serve varieties of food every day. I can personally say that I love the taste of food at mama mia, they’re brilliant! I live just one storey above from big mama mia for at least 3 years. I actually felt sad when we gave up our space. No more coming down in puruntong shorts and jacket to buy food.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Just Some Hobby

I killed time properly. Many people were suggesting  that I should sell my creations... If you want to buy, just send an email to:

Feng Shui Bracelet

Million Dollar Boy

Omigoodness! Look at what I found in my "UNDER PRODUCTION" blog folder. Written 2-3 years ago probably when I was still in 3rd year college. Hoah, I miss the I'll-Burn-Your-Ass-in-My-blog Era!

One day, I was sitting in my chair. Physically, I was doing nothing but mentally, I was observing a bunch of people at a near distant. What made me stopped my current activity is the appearance of a big shadow and a familiar voice became more than audible.

I did not turn around to make it look like I was not paying attention to any of his “I’m-rich-stories”. (I bet now, you have a clue) According to his big mouth, his brothers and sisters inherited 50 million pesos each after graduating from medicine and law and eventually has passed the board and bar exams. He said that he would inherit 10 million pesos if he graduated from nursing and when he finishes medicine, he would inherit the same amount of money that his siblings got when they graduated. He said it a couple of times with a loud voice and emphasis on the amount of money. He sounds very proud of himself and what he is going to achieve.

If You are a Driver of a 10 Wheeler Truck...

If you are:
  1. Learn to look at your right and left
  2. Use the designated line for trucks when it strikes 10pm
  3. Call your boss immediately after the accident
  4. Know the basic emergency number
  5. Learn how to write a police report
Apparently, a 10-wheeler truck didn't notice that there are small vehicles at it's side. It didn't also used it designated lane when they turned for the intersection. The side of the truck smashed the right hand door and smashed the window. Luckily, I only sustained minor bruise and some cuts. Over all, I am okay as I have fortunately chose to sit at the passenger seat of our vehicle.