Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Awkward Silence

Awkward Silence. The brief suspension of sound brought about by uncomfortable situations. (Definition by me)

For me, stepping inside a lift is a peaceful experience because I know that I am a few floors away from home. Boarding with other people is a different story. There are 3 situations: you are the speaker, you are the listener or you are alone and you don't to talk and the other one does the same.

If you are the speaker, obviously you have someone with you that you are talking with and other people are just strangers. Even if you talk in a small voice, anyone can hear it unless you whisper like a ghost. Whatever the strangers hear, they will listen and most probably you will be judged or laughed at after the ride. 

The situation is vice versa for listeners. I am guilty with this because even if I refuse to listen, I can not refuse to hear. In moments like this my brain is on a rampage. My thoughts become active, it may be thinking something mean, but wait till the door closes before you let it out.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

That Cat...

I love cats. My family and I adore them. Anyone who knows me well is fully aware of it. We have two cats at home: Chiyo and Evil. They live a very fulfilled life with us. We provide shelter, food and love. In return, they kill pests and  spare us from their paws as they continue their lives under our roof.

Cats are natural hunters. It may be a stray or a house cat but it will find a way to kill anything that moves. Our pets killed not only pests but also creatures flying around the area. There was one time when Chiyo, the alpha male of the house, almost killed an adult Maya bird. My Mom and I forced him to open his mouth to let the poor bird go. Fortunately, it lived to tell other birds about it and a few days later no birds can be heard chirping around the vicinity of the house. Some victims are not lucky: rats, cockroaches, flies, insects, mosquitoes, butterflies, birds, etc.

I was not surprised about the video I found in the net about cats. See for yourself:

Many people took advantage of the cat's ability to hunt for prey even in the past centuries. I am happy that the cats at St. Petersburg Hermitage Museum in Russia are considered guardians of the arts. I value history and arts because it is the foundation of humanity. Without it humans have no identity and origin, it is enough grounds to suspend them from existence. Thank you purr-y friends for protecting it and in exchange, we give you kitty chow and a free medical and dental consultation. hehe.

Felines are often misunderstood creatures because they have a paranoid persona. They fear that anyone who comes close will cause harm to them. Their reputation is just a mere killer who only deserved to be left alone in the wild. All these are true but they are very gentle creatures. They will make a slave out of you but they know how to be sweet and affectionate.

To all who appreciates the meows, purrs and their sandpaper kisses, kudos to you.

Sleep well tonight because in the morning, they will surely wake you up.


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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Winning Badges

Caution: Severe addiction on collecting Foursquare badges, highly expected.

This is my current addiction: collecting Foursquare badges. To start with, Foursquare is a social network based on locations. You get to create a your own profile, meet people and discover places. I started my addiction last January 2012 when I got my first smartphone. I downloaded the app when my sister encouraged me to join the fun.

Oh my word, it is fun. At first, I was fond of collecting or stealing mayorships. Sometimes, I create places that is not on the map yet and assume myself as a mayor. I got fed up when I learned that there are some dirty tricks that other people do to steal mayorships. That is not competitiveness, that is cheating. I focused on collecting badges and damn, it is challenging. There is less pressure and everything is fair play.

As of the moment, I have 45 badges. After an hour, I am sure that it will increase by 2 or 3 or more. This is a different kind of fondness and I am loving it.


Saturday, August 4, 2012

If it isn't Best, it's still Good

Nutella prounounced as “NEW-telluh”. Upon learning the correct way to say it, I realized that my whole life was a lie. In a different light, life must go on and that new jars must be consumed.

I saw the big jar of happiness after washing the dishes. I reminded my little brother that our Nuttela is not best anymore. He said that even if it isn't best, it's still good. Good point! I will never have the heart to dispose this precious wonder. I tasted it and it wasn't that bad. Haha!

In the name of Nutella, I shall continue eating it without bread.

Nuttela addict mode, activated!


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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Going Green

Our home is made up of happy people, noise and rubbish. When it comes to happy people, there is no doubt about us, the inhabitants. Noise, yup, it is also us. As for the rubbish, well, we are just sentimental people that we refuse to throw some things. Don't get me wrong but we are not like the families in a "Clean House" show.  We are not exactly hoarders but we love buying things in bulk. We do throw or give out some stuff if we have time. We even visit the junk shop at a regular basis(that is if we fill our recyclable bins with stuff). It has been two years when we decided to segregate biodegradable and non-biodegradable garbage. Decaying matter becomes my Mom's fertilizer for her plants but most of the time, it just goes to the garbage truck. The effort was worth it because we know that we are doing something for the environment.

Lately, besides doing usual business, I been retrieving my pile of rubbish way back in college. Reviewers, old documents, card boards, art materials and plastics as such are now out. I shredded the important but old papers like bills, bank notes, photocopy of passport etc. Useless paper like crumpled, thin papers that jams the printers, receipts have also made it to the shredder. Printed bond papers without back prints were stacked for home, office and school use while some are saved for donation. White papers have a high commercial value most specially the shredded ones. I separated a bin for colored papers too because they have a different price. 

Food and Travel

Lately, I analyzed the posts in my blog with the highest rate of readers. Food and travel pulls more readers than any other topics I wrote. To think, I always wanted a separate blog for travel and food.

  1. Food
  2. Travel
  3. Truth and Controversies
  4. College and High School Experiences
  5. Personal Experiences

I am not a frequent traveler but I was blessed with the opportunity to roam a little. It all started at 2009 when I was sent to Japan as an exchange student. While in there, I realized that the greatest lesson in life is not always available inside a classroom. It is found around the world where culture, people, beautiful spots and food blend together to form the uniqueness that a country posses. 

Sooner or later, I'll be publishing a new blog site about F&T. For now, anything I write about it can be accessed here in my personal blog. 

"The best part in an adventure is getting lost. Once you acknowledge the fact that you are, that is when you find what you are looking for". (I am not sure if some famous personality wrote something of the same essence as this, but if no one does, I will claim it. haha!)


Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Of Libraries and Bee-o-tchy Women

I published a blog entry on my multiply account about what libraries never run out of: beeotchy librarians. I don't mean to generalize them but it is as if they follow me at every library I visit. I do admire them in a way because of their vast knowledge on the system of organization of books and some are exposed to different kinds of reading material that they know a lot of things.

Is it about the silent concept of the library? Hell, I lift the chairs and talk in whispers with my companions. Is it the personal problems of the librarians? Hell, set it aside when you are at work. Is it the way they are trained? Damn, it is extremely ineffective and I doubt it if kids would ever live their lives being proud of their libraries.

My first time at a huge, old, and scary library along a 2-letter street was traumatic. I was screamed at because I do not know how things operated in that decrepit place. I mean, it was my FIRST time there and we can not even find a tarpulin or a manila paper hanging somewhere to tell us what to do. We asked nicely but to no avail. I thought they might be having a rough day but when we came back they were still the same. Wow, of all wows but I think they should act nicely simply because students prefer to study the books rather than to rely on the net.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Books: From Loathe to Constant Love

(All by myself by Celine Dion.. in 3..2..1)

When I was young, of course not as the song goes, I am not really interested in reading books. I am quite not sure why. One of my undisputed theory is trauma. Severe mental injuries due to teachers who pull the hair near your ears if you don't pronounce the word right. I even remember the segregation tables wherein we are classified according to idiocy of the written language. Many times I have landed in the 3rd table where my seatmates are said to be lazy and moronic in nature. Thus, ladies and gentlemen, I give you the horror that any child fears: Being Laughed At. I remember myself near tears as I try to keep my composure, brought out my pencil and paper and wrote my name many times. Well, the good news is: I learned how to read because *fork* you, that's why. I tried my best to read at my own pace. I ignored ridicule and embarrasment and because of that i am proud of myself.

I know for a fact that I am lazy in many ways. I loathed studying. I just want to play, eat candy and watch cartoons. My two older sisters were probably doing well in school so that means I should too. I remember when I was forced to buy and read Sweet Valley Kids because my sisters liked that book. My Mom, peeks at my room just to check if I'm reading or not. By the time I have grown up, they wouldn't give a damn if I did. But I have to say, without my siblings' encouragement I will never touch a single book. 

Friday, June 29, 2012

Convincing... Like a Sir

This is the actual essay that i have written in moodle regarding the grade that I deserve. This blog also appears in Multiply. If anyone of my college friends and classmates remembers "Erick", then it is possible that you know what I am writing and talking about. This is just one of the essays that I took a lot of thought into it. However, being a grammar nazi that I have become, I cringed at the site of grammatically incorrect construction of sentences, uncapitalized nouns and words in the beginnings of sentences. But anyway, the content is all that matters. Here goes: 

I do believe that I deserve a grade of 92.

I deserve it because, i have attended all our class. I didn't let every thursdays pass without attending rel ed. i did not consider on putting my name on the absentee's list just because i am tired from duty or because there are some undone requirements from other subjects or just because im too tired to attend.

I must admit that i failed once on submitting one of the requirements. it was entirely my fault and i have accepted the consequence of my actions. To redeem myself, i have to tell you that it only happened once and i have completed all the activities in moodle before it closes. i do follow the specified deadline for assignements too.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

50 Things Every High School Student Must Do

Nothing serious. These are the things any high school students should do before they graduate. Some of which were derived from my past high school experience. Most of these are things I did and few were things I wish I did. Nevertheless, a little rebellion won't hurt because it is an interesting part of life that sooner or later you will be proud of. 
  1. Embrace your school spirit
  2. Love the Flag Ceremony Experience
  3. Enjoy your youth
  4. Take down notes
  6. Be a leader... lead your self if no one follows
  7. Before you attempt to drink your first ever alcohol, make sure you drink with your parents first
  8. Be a choir member: for good ventilation and view during mass
  9. Make a male classmate cry. Guaranteed: priceless
  10. Love Elias, screw Ibarra
  11. Hide well while eating your snack during class
  12. Bring your own pad paper
  13. Be prepared for reptile attacks
  14. Be unique in creating your sleeping style
  15. Make your teacher mad, make them cry not because you did something disappointing but because you made them proud

Bikini Clad Ladies

Let's talk about something different. Since the summer sun has been dethroned by the gustly winds of the typhoon season, this is the best time to talk about the Bikini Clad ladies. I believe that since the sun burns healed, focus will be attained. Many times when I strike whilst the iron is hot, people get to call me names and stuff. Plus, people don't listen too.

Summer. Ah yes, the season when people plan family vacations, get out for a dip, wear the skimpiest suits, post it on social media for the people to see then... BOOM! Hours later, your picture in bikini would be posted all over perverted websites for men to drool on. Do not get me wrong, I witnessed how a sweet holiday turned to a nightmare for some insolent fools. I am a self proclaimed ruthless beeotch, so I say to you, you deserve every bit of it... if it ever happens to you.

I believe in the power of social media. In facebook alone, posting a photo of a dying child and garnering shares and likes would definitely save the poor thing from eternal doom. Millions of idiots would eventually do what the posts requests. I guess sharing and liking has super powers to magically heal the sick. To make a long story short, facebook is a ticking time bomb, when used properly it will work wonders, if not it will be your end. Trust me, I personally learned that lesson, not that I posted a half naked picture of me, but because of something else.

Yes, my dear, I do understand that you look good in a bikini and there is a need for you to show off. It is not wrong, mind you, but pictures can be easily copied and saved by people. Be cautious because not everyone on your friend's list can be trusted.

Saturday, June 23, 2012


People say that makeup, other than diamonds, is girls' best friend, but not me. You see, when my makeup mixes with my facial oil, sweat and bacteria, it becomes a nuisance. Skin irritation would soon follow and since I feel weak when parts of my face is itchy, naturally, I scratch it. I also forget the fact that I am wearing it, Thus, I would wipe my face. If I am wearing an eyeliner, I will be an instant horror movie character.

In the past months, I realize that somehow, there is a need to learn basic application of makeup. I watched youtube videos about it. I even had a bit of tutorial from workmates. I've made an unwritten law for makeup application: #1 Makeup should not stay in my face for more than 6 hours. #2 Use it on special occasions.

Ok, so here comes something to think about. This is dedicated to people like me. Bear this thought in mind: