Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Awkward Silence

Awkward Silence. The brief suspension of sound brought about by uncomfortable situations. (Definition by me)

For me, stepping inside a lift is a peaceful experience because I know that I am a few floors away from home. Boarding with other people is a different story. There are 3 situations: you are the speaker, you are the listener or you are alone and you don't to talk and the other one does the same.

If you are the speaker, obviously you have someone with you that you are talking with and other people are just strangers. Even if you talk in a small voice, anyone can hear it unless you whisper like a ghost. Whatever the strangers hear, they will listen and most probably you will be judged or laughed at after the ride. 

The situation is vice versa for listeners. I am guilty with this because even if I refuse to listen, I can not refuse to hear. In moments like this my brain is on a rampage. My thoughts become active, it may be thinking something mean, but wait till the door closes before you let it out.

I hate it when there are only two people inside. One is you and the other is a stranger. That is when the most awkward silence kicks in. All I wish for when it happens is I want myself out.

Remember, one does not simply talk altogether inside the elevator shaft. Whoever is talking loudly is allowed to and other has to whisper to another.

A health reminder that I found in 9gag which suit the topic of this blog well. 


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