Wednesday, September 5, 2012

That Cat...

I love cats. My family and I adore them. Anyone who knows me well is fully aware of it. We have two cats at home: Chiyo and Evil. They live a very fulfilled life with us. We provide shelter, food and love. In return, they kill pests and  spare us from their paws as they continue their lives under our roof.

Cats are natural hunters. It may be a stray or a house cat but it will find a way to kill anything that moves. Our pets killed not only pests but also creatures flying around the area. There was one time when Chiyo, the alpha male of the house, almost killed an adult Maya bird. My Mom and I forced him to open his mouth to let the poor bird go. Fortunately, it lived to tell other birds about it and a few days later no birds can be heard chirping around the vicinity of the house. Some victims are not lucky: rats, cockroaches, flies, insects, mosquitoes, butterflies, birds, etc.

I was not surprised about the video I found in the net about cats. See for yourself:

Many people took advantage of the cat's ability to hunt for prey even in the past centuries. I am happy that the cats at St. Petersburg Hermitage Museum in Russia are considered guardians of the arts. I value history and arts because it is the foundation of humanity. Without it humans have no identity and origin, it is enough grounds to suspend them from existence. Thank you purr-y friends for protecting it and in exchange, we give you kitty chow and a free medical and dental consultation. hehe.

Felines are often misunderstood creatures because they have a paranoid persona. They fear that anyone who comes close will cause harm to them. Their reputation is just a mere killer who only deserved to be left alone in the wild. All these are true but they are very gentle creatures. They will make a slave out of you but they know how to be sweet and affectionate.

To all who appreciates the meows, purrs and their sandpaper kisses, kudos to you.

Sleep well tonight because in the morning, they will surely wake you up.


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