Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Of Libraries and Bee-o-tchy Women

I published a blog entry on my multiply account about what libraries never run out of: beeotchy librarians. I don't mean to generalize them but it is as if they follow me at every library I visit. I do admire them in a way because of their vast knowledge on the system of organization of books and some are exposed to different kinds of reading material that they know a lot of things.

Is it about the silent concept of the library? Hell, I lift the chairs and talk in whispers with my companions. Is it the personal problems of the librarians? Hell, set it aside when you are at work. Is it the way they are trained? Damn, it is extremely ineffective and I doubt it if kids would ever live their lives being proud of their libraries.

My first time at a huge, old, and scary library along a 2-letter street was traumatic. I was screamed at because I do not know how things operated in that decrepit place. I mean, it was my FIRST time there and we can not even find a tarpulin or a manila paper hanging somewhere to tell us what to do. We asked nicely but to no avail. I thought they might be having a rough day but when we came back they were still the same. Wow, of all wows but I think they should act nicely simply because students prefer to study the books rather than to rely on the net.

Truth of the matter is, when the client service is superb anyone would not mind if most books were probably older than our country's national hero and most are perfect canditates for the archives. Sometimes, if you walk through the shelves there is a strange feeling that someone is watching you and Freddie and Jason will try to kill you as you go further. Educational and horror tour at the same time. So I guess good service goes a long way. I think with a simple reconstruction of the building and a free facelift voucher for staff's crumpled faces and not to mention constant update on books, I think that place can thrive.

When I was in college, I use to borrow books from the reserved section. Those books were limited in number, some of which I do not understand why it's kept there. “Iingatan mo” with a scary look in the eyes, slight raise on their eyebrows and a momentary showing of their fangs, is their usual response. "Yes, maam", I would usually say but I avoided inserting: “I am going to read it inside this place. Do not worry, I won't let the flies lick it or the mosquitos bite on it. I will fan it and change its diaper”. I know what they are trying to impart but sometimes, things can be said nicely and more context are shared by the speaker. There was also a time when I made a mistake on one of the procedure and I thought I was about to be eaten alive as she silently roared at me.

During my Elementary days, I dread the “le amour”. That woman turned out to be crushing on a teacher that we constantly battle because of being a maniac. Whenever I visit the library for research or just simply for airconditoning purposes, I fret on the way she looks. My golly, why can't you get a real crush? She left after a year, thankfully.

So if you think that school is tough, do not forget to check out the library...

If you do not agree with me, and you plan on arguing with me, just shut up. But, if you just want to air your side, I will be happy to listen just make sure to direct it to me through personal message or comments. I know that my opinions does not fall in line with the others but I do know how to listen.

Last warning for insolent fools: these are my experiences and my opinions and it does not in anyway directed to change the ideas of others or to create a statement that needs to be accepted by others. (My God, we are playing this game again.)

Anyway, good day to everyone.