Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Books: From Loathe to Constant Love

(All by myself by Celine Dion.. in 3..2..1)

When I was young, of course not as the song goes, I am not really interested in reading books. I am quite not sure why. One of my undisputed theory is trauma. Severe mental injuries due to teachers who pull the hair near your ears if you don't pronounce the word right. I even remember the segregation tables wherein we are classified according to idiocy of the written language. Many times I have landed in the 3rd table where my seatmates are said to be lazy and moronic in nature. Thus, ladies and gentlemen, I give you the horror that any child fears: Being Laughed At. I remember myself near tears as I try to keep my composure, brought out my pencil and paper and wrote my name many times. Well, the good news is: I learned how to read because *fork* you, that's why. I tried my best to read at my own pace. I ignored ridicule and embarrasment and because of that i am proud of myself.

I know for a fact that I am lazy in many ways. I loathed studying. I just want to play, eat candy and watch cartoons. My two older sisters were probably doing well in school so that means I should too. I remember when I was forced to buy and read Sweet Valley Kids because my sisters liked that book. My Mom, peeks at my room just to check if I'm reading or not. By the time I have grown up, they wouldn't give a damn if I did. But I have to say, without my siblings' encouragement I will never touch a single book. 

I felt the price of my lack of interest in books when at sixth grade, I failed to spell yatch. Yes, Y-A-T-C-H. It is one of my OH-GOD-WHY? moments. The books at home are not really my type. As I result, I pacified myself with the articles I found from the net. I would draw information, ideas and imagination from those. After some time, a monumental event happened. As if an angel from above came, The Harry Potter novels! This is when I started to admire the alien-like talent of Rowling. An out of this world type of imagination. She brought me to the edge of my seat and made me shed a few tears too. Now, realizing all these, I knew I have to find more authors like her.

I can't actually call myself a wide reader but let's just say that I have changed my attitude toward reading in a massive scale. I can jump from Pride and Prejudice to Sherlock Holmes to the Classics and to the Mysteries of the Universe. I came to the realization that not all are born with an innate desire to read books. It comes with time and maturity to ever appreciate one. Know your preference, this means that you have to try numerous types of books until you find it. A book that will draw out your sincerest emotions which people can not do for you, is definitely "the one". 

So, if you ever feel frustrated over not wanting to read books, it's ok. Do it on your own pace. If you choose not to touch a book and continue to feel frustrated, it is your fault. Open one and discover who you are and what you are. It will feed your imagination until it becomes an obese, stage III. I promise you, it will be worth it.